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Lebua at State Tower Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand [4K] [2020]

This video is a travel video of the Lebua at State Tower Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Did you like this video? Subscribe to this channel to keep updated. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this video!

Name: Lebua at State Tower
Video object: hotel
City location: Bangkok (bkk)
Country location: Thailand

In this video:
0:17 View from outside
2:16 Lobby and reception
5:20 Room
9:12 View from balcony
13:22 Bathroom
14:14 Swimming pool
17:01 Fitness room

Lebua at State Tower is a 5 star luxury hotel. It is one of the best and most famous 5 star luxury hotels in Thailand.

The Lebua at State Tower Hotel is located in a skyscraper of 68 floors. The Lebua at State Tower Hotel itself is located on the 21st - 25th floors. Every hotel room is big (66 square meters) and have a private balcony. The swimming pool and fitness are located on the 12th floor, also known as M-Floor.

Inside the tower of Lebua at State Tower Hotel are hotel rooms, outdoor swimming pool, fitness, a lobby / lounge area, multiple restaurants, and multiple cocktail bars / sky bars.

Lebua at State Tower is located on Silom Road in the Bang Rak district, in the centre of Bangkok. The hotel is located nearby the Chao Phraya River.

Price of hotel room: 3400 bath / $113 / €101

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Travel Here : What do you think of the Lebua at State Tower Hotel?
When do you want to visit or when did you visit the Lebua at State Tower Hotel?
Scott Eastlake Tattoo : lebua is definitely one of my favourite hotels, I did a youtube video on it during my last stay.
A Follower of Muscular Bara Hentai Doujin Religion : The Ghost Tower is such a eyesore. I wish they would've either finish it or just abolish it. Use the Japanese technique by abolishing it from top to bottom so it's safe, just don't leave it there.
Jiri Velecky : wow friend I would like to visit it and stay for several days but it is a problem a very very long way from me from Czech but it is my dream to visit Bangkok.Iknow I have time enough I am just 18 and my parents dont like the idea much. I hope thay change their mind and one day I will come.I believe the people there are very pleasant and friendly.Iour videos are really very nice and interesting.Dont be afraid subscribers will come.Iou have one for sure hahaha! have a nice time George

Lebua Tower Club Suite, lounges, sky bars and amazing views of Bangkok

Merry Xmas from my favourite hotel in Asia, Lebua State Tower. Yes this is the hotel from the Hangover 2 movie, but I've been coming here since long before Hollywood discovered this place!
TheBlinkfan1us : Sooo much pollution
Jonathan Day : How much was it?
tonny musante : No wander they don't let tourists in the country. Sorry. I mean peasents refugees.
They are looking for tourists with better taste and spending money.
Well done
Franz Holland : My wife and I were 3 times there. Always amazing!
Ubermeister : Did you apply for a permit to fly the drone?
Elvira Flo : I slept in floor 56 or something and i must say that the suit i slept in was nicer
Scott Eastlake Tattoo : I did a YouTube video during my latest Bangkok trip, go check it out

ツBubblez : We can fly 777 oh you mean 777300er
Nofy Macasinag : is that the corner room? will be visiting next2 week. TIA :)
k m : That skybar aint the best in Bangkok... overated af


This is a hotel review of Lebua State Tower in the Silom district of Bangkok, Thailand.

This review covers the hotel room, buffet breakfast and pool area.

This hotel is definitely a 5 star hotel, right in the heart of Bangkok. Do yourself a favour and stay here... you won't regret it.
Britterbug Gaming : wow that Hotel is Huge!




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