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O-Rings? O-Yeah! How to Select, Design, and Install O-Ring Seals

O-rings are the epitome of elegant engineering: The ring itself costs only a few cents, and the groove it goes in is simple and easy to manufacture. But despite this simplicity, the resulting seal is able to reliably hold many thousands of psi of pressure. O-rings are definitely a machine design component you’ll want to be familiar with, and in this video, we’re going to tell you all about how to design seals with them.

Parker O-Ring Handbook: http://www.parker.com/Literature/O-Ring%20Division%20Literature/ORD%205700.pdf

Companion Blog Post: https://tarkka.co/2019/03/24/o-rings-o-yeah-how-to-select-design-and-install-o-ring-seals/

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AKL : i thought this was supposed to be orings on keyboards not a high tech MIT level documentary
Dan Alex : Thank you so much for this video !!
Rab Lark : Wish I'd watched this before i refitted my egr cooler on my car with its O ring stubby pipe fitting, i applied gasket sealant all around it but it ain't sealed
Queen Cobra 911 : Does any know who can make for me Big Silicone O Ring foam? If I want to do myself what equipment do I need, please. Many big company are not interested in small companies. Please ...
John Vanderburgh : thank -you very much !
Aditya Narayanan : Great video, thanks
j n x : Thanks this is EXACTLY what I was looking for.
Cyrus Kliewer : Your gland fill equation is wrong.
RAVI KATTAKWAL : Great quality videos. please make videos on production drawing by giving practical examples...and make video series on GD&T.
Brian Gendron : I used youtube to get through engineering Schooling.

Now I'm using YouTube to keep me employed

How O-rings are made at PPE

Find out how O-rings are manufactured at Precision Polymer Engineering. From the initial stages of mixing the elastomer ingredients, through all the various stages in the factory to the inspection and packaging operations. Take a look behind the scenes to discover how high performance O-rings are made.

What is an O-ring and How Does it Work?

This video shows what an o-ring is and how it works. There are common misconceptions for what an o-ring does to create a seal. O-rings seem simple in design, but they are actually well thought out designs. They perform differently in low pressure applications than high pressure applications. Learn more by watching the video.
sean9177 : That sounds so kinky
Saranya G : I need milk weaving bowel gasket
Ed S : My girlfriend says I blew out her O-Ring. What should I do?
Peter Kay : Best and shortest explanation. Thank you,.
SAMAR MOHAMMED P S : thanks bro
gue st : 10 feb 2019 7:55 pm est:
i see:
o-ring-rubber lose flexibility making spacecraft-sts-51-l accident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01CfiyP0_7A (Challenger Accident Animation )from youtube-search(how o-ring fail challenger)result 4
from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV-75Hg0nMc (The Challenger Disaster: STS-51-L Helicopter Camera) maybe from youtube-recommendation in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EErKahLx0tc (how long can you survive on each planet?)

then i search-youtube(how o-ring work) then see this movie.
Trung Lê Chí : Rất cám ơn bạn


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