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$180,000 Audi A8L W12 For $50,000!!!

Instagram: @eddiex616

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The Audi A8L sits at the top of the Audi luxury lineup, offering long wheelbase executive levels of comfort, the latest technology and strong performance. As a luxury flagship, it is obviously going to be expensive, but this vehicle is equipped with the W12...meaning it was $180,000 brand new!!! After 6 years of depreciation, this A8L can be purchased for $50k, making it one of the most luxurious cars for that kind of money. Check out what its like to experience an Audi A8L W12!
Jeremie Libraty : Hey guys I have a 2009 Audi A8L V8 one of the most ridiculously pieceof shit junk ever. When it runs it's amazing but the maintenance is unreal. You have to love the car to the point where it's like sentimental value to continue to maintain it. I'm at 105K miles.
Johnny Wishbone : @Eddiex616 they are great deals for anyone willing to take a slight risk, I have had great luck with Audi, I had 2- A6's bought with 50K and 60K miles on them, bought both around $21000 and put over 100K miles on them and spent about 4k on one and nothing but oil and brakes on the other and now i bought a 2011 A8L 96K sticker with 43Kmiles for 31K, I have put additional 40K miles on it and spent 1k on maint. only. they are worth the risk dont listen to the haters. Thanks for the video
el patron : I'm from Germany and I picked up my a8w12 yesterday.
90.000 kilometers on it. From an enthusiast and he took really good care of it. It have every Interieur option and I payed 34.000 euros.
m : $15k with a v8
lol xxx : Saw some w12 a8l in Germany
Really good condition for 34.000 euros. That's my absolutely favorite car.
I would never buy a 458 or a aventador.
The audi Hightech, luxury and power is on top.
Sup.Lloyd. Onuohah : Is this car still available for sale? Inbox me..lloyds42@gmail.com
Patrick Setzer : Just noticed, this particular vehicle has got diplomatic plates (of germany) on it. Eddie, it's highly likely you drove a german ambassador's car :D
Paul Florin : 25.000£ in uk
William Chappie : this is basically a freight train for the Autobahn big heavy fast Luxurious vehicle. A friend of mine had one of these I remember being in the back seat as we are approached a hundred miles an hour and up to around a hundred and sixty the car basically got quieter lower and more comfortable the faster we went I was very impressed with that car back in 2012 it was one of the most sought-after vehicles for a big 4 door in my opinion. Could be used as a business man's chauffeured vehicle as he commuted to work on the Autobahn I really love this vehicle. As a guy in this video said he's had no problems with it at all. Yeah I think you guys are making it sound like a lemon yeah you're going to pay for all the prices for maintenance but come on it's not that much of a lemon.
Jose Arreola : That looks like one solid car. I got an brilliant black a5 2012 with blade rims but this looks solid af

Audi A8L W12 Promo

El_Skippy : Wow, beautiful!!

Shady Ard : man you right I am an Audi big fan and I can tell Audi for a better drivers.
Theoretical : How can anyone dislike what u said about disliking this video !
Charles BISACCIA : Feel like in a private jet .

FightersMixHD : The good life, I'm coming for you!
sinaputkiacc : I am a Mercedes-Benz fan by all my heart, but I still own A8L W12 (the older one). I can not say which one is better, they are two different cars. Mercedes is more sophisticated, elegant and it offers ultimate comfort to older gentlemen. Audi is more dynamic, sporty and it offers very stylish car for younger gentlemen. The difference in one sentence is: In Mercedes you travel in backseat, but in Audi you wanna drive it by yourself.
djkasdjkasdjdjdj : maintenance is shit on this thing
tszekely13 : pffff.....
bakuazeri : @umitefe09 even a 10 year old s-class is better

2018 Audi A8 W12 (585hp) - TECH TOUR (60FPS)

Noch ein Geschenk gesucht? http://amzn.to/2onMR9A
Detailed Technology TOUR through some of the most thrilling features of the new 2018 / 2019 Audi A8 D5 powered by the range topping 6.0 W12 with 585 hp and 850 Nm of torque. Even after this we probably haven't shown half of what this new A8 is capable of...we will continue with lots more videos within the next days:) Cheers
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E34Benzin : How many screens do you want in the interior?
Audi: YES

It looks ridiculous...
pp : Mój wujek za to że przepracował Edek Byzio do emerytury w fabryce audi dostał w prezencie nowe audi..nie pamiętam jaki model..jego rodzina żyła pod Suwałkami w Udziejku k.Jaczni..dzisiaj jest tam hotel..właściciel z Warszawy..Pozdrawiam Wszystkich fanatyków Audi..POZDRAWIAM WSZYSTKICH Z POD CZARNEJ HAŃCZY..
kiehm93 : Kommt der W12 noch oder hat Audi den gestrichen ?
Maxim Shelest : Звук - говно!
Olivier Chabir : THAT CAR IS THE BIGGEST AUTOMOTIVE MYSTERY - IT SIMPLY DOESN'T EXIST ELSEWHERE THAN ON THIS VIDEO. Nobody has given me a satisfying answer to WHY THE F U C K Isn't that car available for sale. Some say they are available through special order. That's false, if true we would have seen a few for sale on the used car market and it's not the case. SO HAS THE W12 ENGINE BEEN CANCELLED ON THE AUDI A8 D5/ I'm asking everywhere since 3 years nobody knows.
bobo lulu : Jason Statham - Transporter 2
4xtreeme : what is the engine code...?!
Niederrheiner77 : Der 12 Zylinder im D5 ist bislang nicht erschienen...
Михал Потапыч : Это не для простых людей.
Dugi : The Sound
Pure scam!!!




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