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The Problem with NEW BALANCE Sizing (and a bonus unboxing towards end)

Not all 1300s fit the same. It's also the case for the 997, 574, etc etc...... I'm a size 10 and most NBs in that size fit me perfectly. But sometimes, like in the case of the Levis 1300, size 10 runs long and wide. Sizing depends on the materials used and this isn't simply a case of "Get em in your size anyway, what's the worst that can happen?"....... I tell you, a half-size down or up with NB has a drastic visible difference. It's a fine line between DRIP and SILLY-BIG. At least to me. It might be different for you so let me know :)

I know I'm not alone in this so raise your hands if you're with me! The NB size unpredictability is sometimes a pain and I'd like to share with you guys a slice of my latest sizing mishap.

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Visel Belleza : mr new balance guy...
MaXeR AGETRO : Pansin ko bro hilig mo sa new balance, meron ako only 1pair, NEW BALANCE "ELITE GENT" MADE IN ENGLAND
Ali Frazier : If I'm sz 11 the 1300 is a 10 would u think that would work???
Mark Olaivar : Agree agree agree
Julian Cillo : That's my current problem. I don't know my NB size yet though I have a 580. I am size 8.5 in Nike, but my 580 is 7.5 and still big for me. I just hope that my 530 will fit perfectly on my feet. Thanks for this video Lods!
mhond PR : Hi Sean what is your size prefered for 997H? I think were in same size. I need to know before i buy online. Thanks more power to your channel.
RealFaithLife : Same issue. I bought two versions of the Cruz Foam 1’s and the fit is absolutely different.
nolo bear : Hi Sean, how about the 1500s? Does it run true to size? Thanks in advance and keep it up
kenneth flores : Are you selling your size 10 sir? Thank you and more power!

New Balance 1500 ST Review & Detail Shots & On Feet Pictures

Watch my review, detail shots and on feet pictures of the New Balance 1500 ST. This is a model made in England with expectional superb quality, as usual from New Balance.

I was able to pick this up at a great price way under retail. It is currently still available and on discount in some online shops.
Go look for the usual suspects like ,,,,,,

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Templar Knight : Looking modern and stylish
T Bones : Hi Man, So DOPE these are... By the why, where did you get those 3M flat laces ?
refugee3d : How would you recommend fitting on the 1500s?
Thokko : The 1500 reminds me of the 1700 which I used to own. I am a fan of NBs with 3M reflective material on the N logos and there was a really good deal for the 1500 at my local store which I didn't buy because of the lack of 3M on the tiny stitched N logo. I think the shoe would be so much better with 3M on the tiny N logo. I am not a fan of stitched N logos and it is one of the reason why I returned my 1700 back to the New Balance store when I owned that shoe back in 2002. I do think it is a great shape for a shoe and I have a Made in England New Balance 576 Tea Pack English Breakfast in brown and the leather is very high quality.
JesusOfSuburbiaBFH : I need them!!
Unxpekted : True to size for 1500? I go half down with 998-997.
Scnny : Is £80 cheap for 1500's? Size 9 uk
Filip : net schlecht ;) habe mir neuerdings die neuen Diadora S8000 vom Wheat Pack (Beige) gekauft und ich kann sie dir nur empfehlen :)
loganjbaez : Dope pickup ,review... the laces are perfect that you put in. look great on feet too. sick vid. keep them coming
loganjbaez : Dope pickup ,review... the laces are perfect that you put in. look great on feet too. sick vid. keep them coming

New Balance 1500 LOBSTER: unboxing, close-ups, commentary

One of the most "perfect" sneakers I've ever seen. Not kidding. This is the NB 1500 Lobster -- one of two sneakers in their Made in England Coastal Cuisine pack.

New Balance X-Racer!

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Diggyonutube : NB 1500 Silhouette reminds me of a sexy sports car. Like a Porsche. The 30th anniversary 1500 is my first NB. That shoe got me hooked. I could not believe my eyes
Fun guy no emotion : Does this fit similar to the 1530's? or does it have a more narrow toe box than those.
E M : How about the sizing, does 1500 run true to size?
Well Marfa : I got the nb1500.9 in my true size 8.5 and the 997's in 8us what size should I get this? thanks
Harold J : Love em. About to buy a pair now and needed to see a video to see the colorway. Amazing shoe and cant wait.
Ivan Yosia : Is it true to size?
Pourchasse Morgan : the browns represents the wine you take with the lobster
leonideshans tan : WTS
little Moonie : good thing about new balance is theyre not hyped

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Aljene Caindoy : The color and the style itself are
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